Blessing of the Seed Offering

This is an offering of gratitude and positive wishes for the new planting cycle.  In this offering we can observe the concept of duality, represented by an ancestral corn, which is the memory of our ancestors, and seed from different food products that symbolizes childhood or the beginning of life.

Our elders, represented here by Jon Zirkle’s great grandfather who grew native corn, symbolize the importance of sharing and passing on knowledge.

This project of planting families fits right into one of the years of the Mexica Calendar, which just initiated a few weeks ago, and is represented by a pre-Hispanic drawing of a house.  During house (calli) years, it is a great time to start long-term family projects and to lay down foundations, to focus on security and sustenance.

Knowledge and observation of time in continental America is tied to the beginning of the planting and spring season.  This concept is represented in the offering with a pre-Hispanic drawing of the first month of the Mexica year, alluding to a basket of corn.

In this offering, we are presenting the sacred seed to the energy of the sun’s rays, we are placing it in contact with the Earth, with aromatic and purifying copal smoke, our songs, words, and intentions.  We are grateful for the sacred water that bathes our fields.

Throughout the entire continent, much information about our ancestral traditions has been lost, but by sharing oral tradition and community work, we are reclaiming our practices.  

March 20th, 2021

Goshen, Indiana, United States

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